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Disciplinary Procedures

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 Disciplinary Procedures

In an attempt to try to regularise the implementation of procedures that need to be followed, the following modus operandi has to be adopted in the event of a learners misdemeanours ( as listed in appendix A) :

1. when a learner commits a misdemeanour, the subject teacher needs to make a record of the event on the log sheet, as well as on his/her own record sheet. The subject teacher is also expected to punish the learner appropriately (Please refer to appendix B).  It is suggested that the subject teacher keeps a record on a daily basis (by date) of misdemeanours by learners, as well as the punishment that was meted out .Teachers are not allowed to call in parents as part of his/her remedial process.( Class teacher can phone the parent). Only extreme cases of misbehaviour must be referred by a subject teacher to a  Grade controller.

2. Class teachers will only act as record keepers w.r.t. misdemeanours committed by learners in a subject teachers class. The record of every learner within a class teachers class must be updated once s/he receives the log sheet from the subject teacher. This updating will be in the form of a class list with the number of each misdemeanour indicated at the top (1 to 16 i.t.o. the approved list). A date and respective subject teachers code will be reflected next to the learners name under the appropriate misdemeanour. Class teachers are not expected to punish learners referred to them by subject teachers. Class teachers are to submit the summary of misdemeanours weekly to the grade controller ( every Friday). Class teacher must keep a copy.

3. The grade controller then deals with the learner. Grade controllers would then take the appropriate remedial action, after having consulted the records kept by the respective subject teachers w.r.t. to the learner. These records are also important for capturing purposes, on the learners profile on computer.

4. If after considerable intervention, the grade controller is unable to rehabilitate the learner, it is then referred to either one of the Deputy Principals/Principal

5. The Deputy Principals/Principal would also take appropriate action(s) to rehabilitate the learner. Should there be little /no success at this level, one of the suggested actions thereafter is that a learner  choose a mentor. The mentor is expected to keep all information confidential.  Only at this level are parents allowed to be called in to be interviewed (as a further remedial action).

N.Ally (Principal)

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