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Code of Conduct for Learners

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 Code of Conduct for Learners


Purpose of Our Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is aimed at establishing a disciplined school environment that is
conducive to effective teaching and development so that we may achieve what has
been stated in our Mission Statement.  It is based upon the S.A. School act 84 of 1996
and all other relevant Provincial Acts.  In addition, our Code of Conduct is geared
towards the improvement and maintenance of the quality of the learning process.

Mission Statement

We aim to prepare our learners adequately for adult life, developing practical and
intellectual life skills in a safe, disciplined environment.  We aim to promote mutual respect, self-discipline and pride.

Aim High

Section 1

Rights of Learners

Constitution of the Republic of South Africa states that all learners have the right to
Education.  Our learners have the right

  • to be educated in a controlled and structured academic environment;

  • to be educated following the appropriate curriculum;

  • to be respected by other members of the school community, regardless of personal, religious or cultural differences;

  • to regular feedback/reports reflecting academic progress;

  • to freedom of speech and to voice their opinions in a mature, tactful and appropriate manner;

  • to be treated with fairness;

  • to have security of person and property as far as is practicable;

  • to make use of available school facilities and property with the knowledge and consent of management;

  • to have the moral support of the school in their participation in approved cultural, sporting or academic activities;

  • where possible and when appropriate, to be involved in and informed about decisions taken in the school;

  • to work in a clean and litter-free environment;

  • to ask for help, advice or counseling;

  • to have school activities begin punctually;

  • to be able to utilize certain books and appropriate texts where available and which are in a serviceable, usable condition;

  • to have a social life out of school which does not in any way bring discredit to the school;

  • to attend a school free of drugs, weapons, drunkenness, bullying, victimization or intimidation;

  • to attend a school free of sexual harassment and/or criminal behaviour



Our learners’ rights go hand in hand with responsibilities and, on enrolment to the school, learners undertake:

  • to fully and unconditionally co-operate with educators;

  • to create the opportunity for others to work without hindrance and to pay full attention to their lessons;

  • to provide the appropriate texts, stationery and equipment necessary to participate fully in lessons;

  • to respect the individuality of others, especially their religious and cultural beliefs;

  • to listen to and respect the opinions of others;

  • to treat others in a fair and just manner;

  • to uphold honest behaviour and security of persons in the school;

  • to respect any decisions made within the school and react to them in a mature fashion;

  • to respect and maintain the school facilities and the school property;

  • to uphold school spirit by participation in cultural, sporting and academic activities;

  • to maintain a clean and litter-free school environment;

  • to request help, advice or counseling at an appropriate time and in an appropriate manner, to give advice and develop self responsibility;

  • to be punctual in every facet of their school life by arriving at school and at lessons on time;

  • to care for their books and return them as they receive them;

  • to cause no embarrassment to the school in any way;

  • to refrain from disruptive, undisciplined or uncooperative behaviour both inside and outside the classroom;

  • to do all academic assignments, including homework, to the best of their ability;

  • to refrain from the use of drugs, assault, carrying of dangerous weapons, criminal or illegal activities, intimidation, bullying, sexual harassment, victimization, smoking, or being in the possession of pornographic material;

  • to abide by all school rules and any/all amendments thereto;

  • never to be dishonest during examinations, tests and activities, during the school day.  This includes fraudulent signatures and false excuses.



Though there are a number of regulations which help in the smooth running of the school, there is really only one guiding principle:

  • At all times learners should act responsibly and not do anything that will discredit themselves or their school.

Attitude, Manners and Respect for Others:
It is our belief that our learners should treat others as they  themselves would wish to be treated.  With this in mind, learners are obliged:

  • to develop a positive attitude towards their school, their studies and their

     involvement in activites;

  • to develop self-discipline and responsibility for their own academic progress;

  • to identify with the traditions of the school;

  • to have good manners, courtesy and to respect others, both their peers and adults, at all times;

  • to refrain from bullying in any form;

  • to refrain from using offensive or foul language at all times.

School Uniform and Appearance:

Our school uniform is very important in that it gives our school its own particular identity. Therefore, learners are obliged:

  • to show pride in their school by ensuring that their uniform is always clean and

  • neat;

  • to wear the full uniform at all times between school and home, at all official school

  • functions and on excursions;

  • (a)  to wear only one signet ring and one pair of sleepers or studs (girls);

  • to wear one signet ring (boys);

  • to ensure that boys hair is short and is kept neat and well-groomed.  It must be

  • off the ears and off the collar.  Sideburns must be short and unobtrusive.  Girls

  • hair must be tied back if long  and fringes must be out of the eyes.  No bleaching, dyeing, highlighting of hair or outrageous styles will be allowed.

  • to be clean-shaven at all times – boys

Punctuality and Bounds:

At Hillview Secondary School we are aware of how important punctuality is in the workplace, as well as not being in restricted areas.  With this in mind, our learners are obliged:

  • To be punctual to school at all times;

  • To observe all regulations which specify areas that are out of bounds, or where

     access is restricted to certain times;

  • to remain at school for the duration of the school day, unless permission has been

     granted by the Principal/Deputy Principal;

  • to bring written notification from their parents if they wish to leave school early for

  • doctors appointments (in emergencies only); or when they arrive late for whatever reason.  Doctors appointments should preferably be made for after school.

Respect For Property:

It is our belief that children should learn not only to respect themselves and others, but also to respect the property of others and to have their property respected.  With this in mind, our learners are obliged:

  • to ensure that all personal belongings are clearly marked;

  • to take care of their belongings and show respect for the property of others;

  • to refrain from bringing valuables to school (including cellphones).  Any large sums of money or valuables should be handed to the Office for Safekeeping;

  • to refrain from bringing any animal e.g. snake, rodent, etc to school at any time, without permission;

  • to take pride in the school grounds and building;

  • to refrain from the execution of any business transactions, particularly with the intention to defraud another learner, on or off school property and/in school uniform;

  • to report any accidental breakage or damage to school property  to the office immediately;

  • to refrain from defacing or willfully changing school property in any way.  The school may request that damaged property be replaced or charge the learner for the replacement or for the repair of the damaged property;

  • to observe that it is an offence to litter.


Many of our learners use public transport both to and from school.  Realising that this places them in the public eye, our learners are obliged:

  • to practice correct discipline on all public transport to and from school.

Co-curricular Programme:

At Hillview Secondary School we are aware of the need for learners to participate
fully in all aspects of school life and that this is important to their development.  Our learners are encouraged:

  • to participate in the cultural and sporting life of the school

  • to wear the correct kit for all activities

  • to uphold sportsmanship and teamwork as values that the school strives for

  • to attend all practice once they have made a commitment to an activity/sport.

Classroom Code of Conduct:

For effective education to take place, our classrooms need to be controlled and disciplined.  Our learners also need to be receptive to the teaching process and, therefore, our learners are obliged:

  • to listen to their educator the first time;

  • to allow everyone the right to learn without interference from themselves or others;

  • to be punctual and prepared for the lesson (books/files/equipment);

  • to use appropriate language and to encourage effective communication;

  • to show politeness and consideration and to exercise self-discipline;

  • to take care of furniture, books and equipment (refer to Hillview document);

  • to respect the property of others;

  • to refrain from taking anything that does not belong to them;

  • to refrain from cheating or copying the work of others;

  • to note that official rules apply to every learner, whether present or absent.

8.  Attendance:

Regular attendance at school and of all lessons is vital if our learners are to be  effectively educated.  With this in mind, our learners undertake to note the following:

  • In terms of Section 3(1) of the S.A. Schools Act (No.84 of 1996) attendance is

     compulsory until the last school day of the year in which the learner reaches the age of 15                    years or 9 th grade, whichever occurs first;

  • Timeous written notice of the intention to remove a pupil from the school, for whatever

     reason must be given;

  • Attendance is compulsory for all learners registered at the school and absences must be

     supported by a doctor’s certificate or a written explanation from the parent.  Such supporting                   documents are to be presented on the first day back at school.

9.  In upholding the values of the School, our learners are obliged never:

  • to break the law of the land;

  • to gamble

  • to steal

  • to cheat

  • to vandalise

  • to smoke or be in the possession of cigarette or tobacco products;

  • to abuse substances/drugs, or be in the possession of illegal substances;

  • to possess any weapon, pornographic material, or anything which endangers the physical or moral well-being of the School and its learners.

Disciplinary Sanctions:

The transgression of any of these rules will result in disciplinary action being instituted and this may include suspension, from the School, or expulsion, if the learner is found guilty.



The official school badge, issued to every learner, must be worn at all time.
Tracksuits are allowed during winter months (May to August ) only.  It must be worn zipped up with the school shirt/official T-shirt, and school shoes.


  • Blazer (optional)

  • Official School blazer

  • Jersey:

  • Official School jersey

  • Shirt

  • Plain white long or short sleeved school shirt with a single pocket and the school badge.  The shirt must comply to official school standard.

  • Shoes

  • Only black, lace-up school shoes.

  • Socks

  • White

  • Trousers

  • Long GREY FLANNELS IN PLAIN STYLE.  If a separate belt is worn, it must be a plain black belt.

  • Jewellery

  • One signet ring & watch only


  • Blazer (optional)

  • Official School blazer

  • Blouse

  • Plain white, short-sleeved / long sleeved school designed blouse :  complying to official standards

  • Jersey

  • V-neck pullover:  official school jersey

  • 4.2.4  Shoes

  • Black, lace-up, school shoes or buckles.

  • Socks

White, ankle socks worn folded down.  Flesh coloured stockings may be worn, socks and stocking may not be worn simultaneously.  No knee highs – only full flesh coloured stockings. Black stockings may be worn in winter months.
4.2.6  Hair
Hair must be worn away from the face and if necessary, tied back.  Green, white ribbon, alice band, or ‘scrunchies’ only.  Hair may not be bleached, dyed, highlighted, or shaved bald.  Outrageous styles are not permitted.
4.2.7 Jewellery
ONE pair of sleepers or studs and /or one signet ring and watch.  No other jewellery may be worn.  No make-up and long nails – no painted nails.



  • Disobeying classroom or workshop rules

  • Leaving materials needed for practical or academic work, at home.

  • Late for class

  • Homework not done

  • Noisy or boisterous behaviour in the corridors

  • Incorrect uniform or grooming

  • Not handing in return slips or notices

  • Homework books not signed

  • Found in off-limit areas

  • In possession of forbidden articles e.g. Radios, tape recorders, cellphones, jewellery etc.


  • Verbal reprimand or warning

  • Punishment work to be done at home

  • Break detention

  • Letter home or written warning

  • Detention after school

  • Confiscation of forbidden articles to be returned only at the end of that school year.


  • Arrogance, lack of respect towards prefects.  Teachers members of staff or visitors to the school.

  • Fighting

  • Absconding from school

  • Truancy

  • Urinating

  • Smoking / possession of cigarettes or lighters etc.

  • Spitting

  • Poor behaviour on Public transport

  • Bad behaviour at functions


  • Refer to Management members for action

  • Written warning or letter home

  • Detention at break

  • Detention at school

  • Suspension


  • Bullying

  • Assault

  • Theft

  • Alcohol or drug taking / possession

  • Vandalism

  • Racial hatred

  • Sexual harassment

  • Carrying of dangerous weapons

  • Pornographic material


CELLPHONES:  are NOT PERMITTED under any circumstances

UNIFORMS:  Track bottoms are only allowed in the winter months i.e.
                        June to September

Skirts are NOT to be tight-fitting.  They are also to be knee length and no shorter

Ties are NOT allowed as part of the new uniform.

 Parents are obliged to make themselves available if their child/ward is guilty of serious contraventions of the school rules.

*** 2.13 Refers : Latecoming to school will be punishable by detention on the day. Learners habitually late will be sent home to return with parents/guardians. ***

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