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 Strategic Goals

The school shall endeavour to:

1.  Provide high quality, relevant education to all learners, regardless of age, which will equip them with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to meet the challenges of the 21 st century.

2. Transform the school into a 21 st century learning organization focused on results, high performance, effective communication and quality service delivery.

3. Transform into a self-reliant and effective learning institution that is also a community center for life-long learning.

4. Motivate the staff to meet the highest standards of  professionalism.
Provide and utilize resources that will help to achieve the aims of the school and assist educators in achieving their objectives.

5. Eliminate conditions of physical degradation in the institution.

6.Eliminate fraud, corruption and maladministration.

7.Deal urgently and purposefully with HIV and AIDS pandemic as part of an integrated provincial response.

 Vision & Mission

Our vision is that of  a literate, competent and skilled community whose members will contribute to society in a positive and constructive way which will help to develop and contribute to the growth of this country.

Mission Statement
We aim to prepare our learners adequately for adult life, developing practical and intellectual life skills in a safe, disciplined environment. We aim to promote mutual respect, self-discipline and pride.


In our quest to provide quality education and excellent service we cherish the following values:

* Honesty  *  Empathy   * Integrity   *  Caring   
* Professionalism  *  Fairness

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