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Text book Policy

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 Text Book Policy

It is the duty of all management staff, parents and learners to ensure that textbooks are responsibly issued, collected and handled in order to ensure their maximum life span.

  • New Textbooks will be checked and recorded by the secretary on receipt from booksellers.

  • New Textbooks will be stamped (before issue) and will be covered in clear plastic by the first learners they are issued to.

  • Deputy Principal to keep records of Textbooks which are  forwarded to Heads of Department for issue department wise. Receipt of these to be signed for by receiving HOD.

  • New Textbooks will be added to old stock and stored separately according to departments controlled by HOD’s in suitable storage rooms.

  • HOD’s will keep records of stock on hand and will issue to class teachers using strict control methods ie. Teachers must sign on receiving or handing in textbook stock.

  • HOD’s will be in a position to inform the office re:  stock shortages for the current / following year.

  • HOD’s will also offer ‘block’ loans to subject teachers under the same control methods where there may be a shortage of books.

  • Class teachers will use summary control sheets provided by the office to control the issue of text books to learners.  Learners will sign for every books that he or she will receive.

  • Class teachers will ensure that the learners cover the books and handle them properly as far as possible with help from parents.

  • Parents will be informed via letter as to their responsibility re:  the text book loan for their child.  Namely that they will be held responsible for any loss / damage thereof.

  • Parents will be informed that no further textbooks will be issued to learners who have failed to return/replace textbooks, or paid for all lost/damaged textbooks.  Price lists and bookstore information will be made available.

  • Teachers records of issue to learners must be copied and issued to the respective HOD’s for ssafe keeping and control.

  • HOD’s records must be copied and issued to the office for safe keeping and control.

  • The School Secretary and HOD’s will control ‘Special Book Loans’ to teachers for academic and teaching purposes.  Teachers will sign for book loans.

  • Special loans to teachers controlled by HOD’s

  • The school secretary and HOD’s will annually reconcile these special loans.

  • Teachers will use part of reading period for Textbook Awareness to ensure \ promote a healthy respect for books in general.

  • Teachers that leave the school will have to submit to a checklist of personal loans of resource books.

  • Summary list for individual learners will be provided to learners so that both parents and learners are aware of what books they have and the cost of each book.

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